I’ve never really been one for routine. Sure, I have a day job (for now) but to be honest my main reason for working is to fund my travel and photography. Simple as that.

I've always been a very keen traveler and amateur photographer. When I head out on a trip I go with an idea of what I want to capture with my camera and that excites me, but I'm equally excited about the prospect of what I'll see that I haven't planned for. That's the thrill of travel photography for me.

Every year I go somewhere I’ve never been before and I come away with memories and photographs that I’ll always treasure. I don’t go out there to take photographs for money; I take photographs because that’s what I enjoy doing. If I’m fortunate enough to have folks like my work then that’s a bonus.

I dedicate my work to all the travelers who venture out to find and capture the beauty of the many secret destinations out there. Be yourself, and do today whatever it is you’re putting off until tomorrow because tomorrow may be too late.

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